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About Us

Moore Farms Construction, Inc. is equipped and staffed to safely and professionally build your underground transmission facilities. Whether it be gas, cable or electric you can count on us to drill or plow your project from point A to point B without invading other utility structures. Cost effective? You bet! We know that your bottom line matters. Safe? There is only one way to operate at Moore Farms and that is safe, safe, safe. We are proud of our safety record and committed to preserving it.

Frustration Free


Call backs cost time and time is money. Moore Farms Construction, Inc. clearly recognizes the frustration level of our customers when a job is not completed efficiently and on time. By properly locating utilities and hand-digging or hydro excavating in questionable areas we prevent delays caused by damage to other utilities and down time for your project. We carry maximum insurance to protect our
customers and hire the best operators in the industry. Great service and great results are what our customers have known to expect and will continue to receive from Moore Farms Construction, Inc.

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Final Appearance


After the job is done and the functionality of the transmission is approved and complete the only remaining visible traits are above ground for all to view. At Moore Farms Construction, Inc. the final appearance reflects on you and reflects on us. The clean-up, restoration, and final appearance is our calling card and we are proud to leave it with you.

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